"We're just going to end your temporary status." Okay, fuck you too, Walmart. Fuck you too.

Let's start from the beginning. So I was hired in September. First day was rather disrespectful (as almost every day was). It was my first time working, so my feet hurt to the point where I couldn't come in the second day. The third and forth days were repeats of the first two, respectively. That's two absences out of the three that I'm allowed in a six month period.

A few weeks ago, I legitamately got sick and called in. That's 3 of 3. And on top of that, I've been accused of "stealing time" just for taking too long in the restroom (which normally happens when I take a shit). Not to mention, several other "Fuck you" (not literally) incidents.


Fast forward to tonight. My mom got my car oil changed, so no problems there, right? Well, as soon as I pulled into my parking space at Walmart, my turning wheel started to lock up on me. Whatever, no big deal. But when I was using the bathroom during my 15 minute break - during which I was accused of stealing time AGAIN - I thought that the car thing couldn't wait, and needed to go home ASAP to get it taken care of. So I asked some of the managers if I could do that, and they said that it's my call, but because of my attendance record, I would be held accountable. This means that I would enter a coaching process, which is to help me set that straight.

So later, I told a manager that I needed to go home early and get my car taken care of (all the managers I talked to earlier had gone home already). I thought he was listening in. But....another manager was right there by us, and was invited to take part in our conversation. And you know what happened?

You guessed it. They fired me. FUCKING FIRED. And they were SUPPOSED to go through the coaching process FIRST!!!! See, it's stupid shit like this that made my experience as unenjoyable as possible. Hell, sometimes I was even scared to go to work, because of the constant bullying I receive. But you know what? They can go fuck themselves.


Now, what was I doing at Walmart? I was an unloader, 4PM-1AM, 5 days a week (before they suddenly cut my hours, another fucked up thing they did).

However, there was this one girl and a few nice guys that I was lucky enough to meet - that I will sadly no longer be able to see (unless I go to the store, but you get the point). And I'm still receiving my SSI every month, so at least I can still buy games and shit.

The point here is, FUCK YOU WALMART.

As for the car, well, I had to call my mom and she had to come help me.
Another customer pulled up and conveniently was able to help us fix the problem to just get me home - that was, the brake fluid was leaking, and they bought some more at the store. Not sure what's gonna happen with it now.

Oh, and it's a 2003 PT Cruiser.