You shouldn't be so desperate to spend $60 on a game. Really, there are plenty of great indie games out there on PSN and Steam. They may not be your cup of tea, but IGN's Colin Moriarty explains why you should at least try them.

EDIT: Thanks to one of our readers for pointing this out, I realized that putting the entire article's text wasn't such a good idea. Therefore I cut out most of it, and left only a few paragraphs, basically as a TLDR. You can still view the full write-up at the link below.

I came across this article on IGN (a sypnosis of which follows), dealing with why gamers should stop blindly hating indie games and only wanting AAA games. I think it's a good topic to discuss so I thought I'd share it here.

Here goes.

In recent months, I've felt an overwhelming sense of disappointment when I scroll through the comments of the coverage of "indie games" here on IGN (or on other sites and on Twitter, at that). While many folks praise these games (and a vast, vast majority of people who read IGN don't comment at all), I can't help but notice a lot of hatred cast against these games, too. This hatred doesn't come from disliking the content of the game at hand. No, it comes from the game being "indie," period. The word, to some, is used as a weapon. To others, it's a reason to dismiss a game outright.


As a life-long gamer who has been playing for over 25 years, judging games like this totally bums me out. It's wrong-headed, silly, and โ€“ above all else โ€“ wildly ignorant. It holds us back as gamers, and by muddling the message to players and developers alike, it holds back the industry at large, too. So I wanted to take a few moments to say something about this growing trend.

My take: I'll admit, I don't hate indie games. They're fun, but ultimately they're just not my cup of tea. I think most of the hate stems from the fact that Sony is continuously shoving indie games down PS Vita owners' and PS+ subscribers' throats. Which is a valid complaint, IMO. Not everyone likes indies - consumers just want choice when it comes to games on the PS+ IGC. Hell, there was a time period where we got nothing but indie games on our Vitas. Sony seems to have learned from this mistake by now offering 2 games a month for each platform. For PS3 and Vita, 1 is usually a AAA (PS3) or Japanese (Vita) game, while the other is an indie. PS4 owners don't really have many AAAs (especially exclusive ones), so it makes sense that PS4 gets a lot of indies on the service. It's sad for me to see PS4 owners continuously ignoring that fact without even trying indie games. Even sadder when it's FREE. (I have Resogun registered to my account, not sure why a lot of people didn't even do that.)


As for Japanese games...well, I'm a huge fan of them (obviously). That doesn't mean I'll completely shut out AAAs or indies, however. I honestly can't believe there are some gamers who won't even give those Japanese games much of a chance - just like indies. I'm not speaking of those Western-style games made by Japanese studios (Dark Souls/From Software, Dragon's Dogma/Capcom), neither am I talking just about JRPGs. Hell, there are even a few such games that IMO have almost the same budget as a lower-end AAA. (examples are Tales, Ni no Kuni, and Final Fantasy.) Yet in the grand scheme of things, we don't hear a lot about those things. Why? Because we're so focused on Western AAA games and their surrounding politics.

Basically, my point is - I think most gamers need to STFU about hating indies and Japanese games without even playing them. At least try them first. If you did and you still don't like it, that's fine. But don't attack or derail others who legitimately enjoy those types of games - it's embarassing to the industry as a whole (much like the Mega Man fanbase and Capcom).

But what do you think about the IGN article, or my opinion? Do you agree? Or disagree? Do gamers have the right to have blind hate? Let me know in the comments (or, technically, discussion threads) below!